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Sunday, December 21, 2003

I’m going to take a quick breather from all this heavy blogging and return to some nonsense, I just wanna say, on Shawwal 27th, 1400 AH., a Sensei was born. And this blog is not just a happy-birthday-to-me post, it’s a quick reminder.

Thank Allah for everything, for the blessing of Islam, for the comfort you live in, the family you love and the family that loves you.

Thank Allah for a year of blessings and ask Him to do the same in the year to come. Pray to Allah to forgive a year of sins and ask His protection from them in the year to come.

In fact, ask Allah to forgive you for all the sins you have committed against others as well as the ones you have committed against your own soul.

More importantly, ask Allah to forgive any and all sins that other people have committed against you. It’s wonderfully refreshing, actually.

Thank Allah for being born, and try to remember it *not* just on your birthday, Abez.

*click here for an absolutely charming story!*



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