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Friday, March 26, 2004

Dear Everbloggy

AssalamuAlaikum & Happy Jumah! I personally, am quite happy about Jumah because the people from Owlie's Office are gone for prayers and I have free reign of their computers, mwahahaaa...


Right, well the house is looking pretty good. Most of it anyway. Or parts of it. Specifically those areas where the carpenter hasn't left tools and woodshavings and nails all over the floor. What can I say, some of this house is a work in progress. The work will be somewhat on hold now though, since my poor Daddy-dearest has caught bronchitis from all those cold showers before the gas was hooked up. :( He's asleep at home on the sofa right now, that's how we left him anyway. I hope he stays there because he needs to get some rest. He's really run himself ragged with trying to supervise what's left of the house contstruction as well as run a restaurant, scream at the phone company people and be the CEO of the house, all while coughing. :(

The last time my dad had bronchitis (a few months ago) he was so out of it that he accidentally took his entire course of antibiotics in one day and then spent three days sleeping it off. Ah, the irony of Owl & I making sure he's taken his medicine, sleeping with a blanket and trying to keep him from getting sicker. It's a bittersweet reversal of roles when a child takes care of a parent, and even though I'm glad to be able to help my dad when he needs me, it's a depressing reminder of my own father's mortality. :(

Hug your dad today.

And make sure he's wearing warm socks.


#321 Quarantine Quarters
Sector Eek 14/1
Isloo, Pk


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