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Monday, September 06, 2004

What, me update? he he

The house was fumigated today folks. It smelled. The entire kitchen was dumped out onto the dining table and covered. A man in a mask squirted anything that didn't move as well as a bunch of things that did move. Unfortunately, a few lizards were hurt in the making of this blog. I am genuinely sorry, because I like the lizards.

After the house was stink-dafied we left and had lunch at CJ's, then came home a few hours later and had a nap for dinner. Woke up and put the kitchen back together. Yay.

Things in the rest of the house are still covered in bedsheets to prevent them from getting all toxic from the bug-spray, and chances are we'll have a whole lot of toxic bedsheets to wash in the laundry tomorrow. I think it's worth it though. Six months of ant-free, cricket-free, roach free existence. Ah, bliss.

On an unrelated note, my family is moving to the UAE soon. Any bloggers or blogger-friendly folks in that part of the world?


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