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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Well, now that blogger is finally letting me in I can type an update.

*taps fingers impatiently*

It's 4am and I'm still not asleep. This is irony when you consider that half an hour ago when I asked Owlie to turn the lights off she said, "But I'm not sleepy!" and I said, "But I am, come on, I need to wake up in the morning." So she finally gave in and turned the lights off. And now she's fast asleep and I'm blogging in the dark.

I made cookies. Sort of. I made a double batch of cookies with half of all the ingredient except the sugar. Does that make sense? Baking under the influence of sleepiness I doubled the sugar but didn't have enough ingredients to double the rest of the recipe. So I made something that looks and tastes more like a gooey lemon candy than a nice, tangy lemon bar cookie. It's still tasty, but man is it sweet. I took too large a bite on the first cookie and my teeth were nearly glued together from the stickyness. I offered some to my Abbu(who was up until about an hour ago) who tasted it, made a face and then asked for a glass of milk. I handed him one, which he poured all over his cookies and then set to mashing them with a fork. He turned them into paste and asked for a spoon. Then he said they were delicious. My dad's cute that way. :)

Of course I had some cookies myself, and now my knee if bouncing and whatever sleepiness I had has gone the way of the cookies. (yani the sleepiness has been...um... eaten. which is why I'm not sleepy anymore. yes.)

Right about now my body is awake (sugar) but my brain is still sleepy, which means that I'm going to post this blog as it is and my brain will read it in the morning when it wakes up. Zzzzz


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