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Friday, November 05, 2004

Who are you? Are you who you are inside? Or are you who you are outside?

You are born with potential, with lovely and innocent potential to be sweet, to be caring, to be compassionate, perhaps a bit vulnerable even. But as you grow older and more hardened by life, you develop a harder exterior- A suit of armor to protect this vulnerable center. So the question is, who are you, the suit of armor of the cream filling?

You thought I was going to be serious didn’t you? But hey it’s 3:45 am.

So the joke’s on you, and you’re a suit of armor. You are to me anyway. You know why? Because to the people around you, it doesn’t matter what your cream filling is like because we never interact with it. We deal with your suit of armor instead, and to us, you are that suit. That armor is you, your personality to the world, and if your suit of armor has a nasty temper, it doesn’t matter whether the cream filling is sweet on the inside.

That is why I believe personality tests are largely worthless if you take them as you’re supposed to. The reason is because the questions are being answered by the cream filling when it’s the suit of armor that’s interacting with the world instead.

People don’t necessarily need analyses of their inner personality (cream filling) because no one knows their inner personalities better than they themselves do. You already know what flavor you are. I’ve decided that I’m Chocolate-Mint Mustard.

What people might need is an analysis of their suit of armor, because you never know just how you look through other people’s eyes. I’d credit the band whose song I just stole the preceding line from, but their name is untypable. On with bweezness.

If you really want to learn about yourself, pick out a really good personality test and then send it to five of your friends. See how they rate you. That’s you. Maybe not you on the inside, maybe not your cream filling, but you to the world is you in your deeds, and your deeds are a pretty good indicator of who you are, doncha think?

So guys, what flavor do you think my armor is? he he


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