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Sunday, February 06, 2005

mind your p's and q's?

There are times and places in life where you need to be on your best behavior, and there are times and places where it's better if you're not. Take, for example, Crayon's house. That is not a place for your best behavior.

Am I déclassé? Maybe, but so far, Crayon doesn't mind, and I love that about her. When I drop into her house I don't have to worry about what I'm wearing, about whether she might want to see me, or whether there will be anything to do, because Crayon is awesome. She couldn't care less if I showed up in my pajamas, she's always up for a 'natter and a cup of tea' and I enjoy her company immensely. Sometimes we play Scrabble, but to me, Scrabble is pretence- it's just an excuse for sitting and talking. I couldn't care less if we played Scrabble or not, I am content to lay on the floor and bother the Wombat. That's quality time I say, quality time!

And that, my dears, is my excuse for this evening. We showed up at Crayon's with a basket of laundry. We used her washing machine, we raided her freezer, we made fish-sticks and we roasted our cold toes by the heater. After all, what are real friends for? *muahz!*


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