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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Can you find my donkey?

Can you find my donkey?
He's wandered off, y'know.
I've never really met him
So I'm not sure where he'd go.
I don't think that I've seen him
Or even know his name,
But despite this, he's valuable
And needed all the same.
You've got a donkey, too
Whether you know it or not,
But he may not be four-legged,
He may be a lamp or pot.
Everyone's got a donkey,
It's something that they seek.
Not an object that they've lost
And will find again next week.
Your donkey is what drives you
In search of all your dreams.
It's pursuit is what leads you
On a life of heady schemes.
Some donkeys are ambition,
And others- zest for life.
Either way your donkey can
Cause happiness or strife.
So can you find my donkey?
If you help me I'll help you,
And together we will search
For my donkey and yours too,
Or for my donkey and your trophy,
Or my donkey and your soap,
For my donkey and your dreams
Or my donkey and your hope.

-Z H Khan
4 am


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