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Monday, March 13, 2006

The Husband Files: Why teacups are like cats - or - why the husband, the car, and everything in it are covered in a spray of chai


Update: HF has posted his version of what happened here, hehe.

HF: So, dogs like to stick their heads out of car windows, right? They like to hang their tongues out and go nyah and enjoy the breeze.

Me: Yes..?

HF: But cats don't though, if you took a cat and held it out of the window of a moving car it would go rraoowr and turn and attack you and fly at your chest.

Me: Yes.

HF: It would kind of explode and fly at you.

Me: True...

Hf: See, that's why cups of tea are like cats.

Me: Oh?

HF: I held this one out of the car window, and it exploded and flew at me.

Me: You held a cup of tea out of the window?

HF: To cool it. *big shiny smile*

Me: While you were driving?

HF: But then the wind hit it and got all shaky and then foosh!

Me: At a hundred kilometers per hour?

HF: And that's why cups of tea are like cats.



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