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Monday, August 21, 2006

The Bebefiles: AMBUSH!

I should have known what was coming when I saw how close the box of q-tips was to the edge. I should have moved them when I placed Khalid on the bed to change his diaper. I should have known that a kid who has mastered spitting up not on my shirt, but in my shirt, would be able to take advantage of the q-tips' precarious position.

Bebe's Plan for Revenge for Putting Bebe to sleep last night at the wee hour of 11.

Step 1: Pre-place box of 200 q-tips on the edge of bed.

Step 2: Soil diaper.

Step 3: Allow self to be placed on bed and freed of diaper, thus exposing lethal weaponry.

Step 4: Kick Q-tips off of bed, scattering them precisely within range of lethal weaponry.

Step 5: Allow mother to stoop to pick up q-tips, foolishly leaving lethal weaponry exposed.

Step 6: Ready.

Step 7: Aim.

Step 8: FIRE!

Step 9: Beam joyously as you soak momma's back in a fresh, steady stream of revenge.



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