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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Guess who has a new obsession. Okay, maybe it's not an obsession, maybe it's just a wanna-be obsession, because you can't be obsessed with something you don't have yet, right? I dunno, you tell me.

Some people may say that DDR is just a game, well they're wrong. If Playstation says it's a game then they're wrong too, because I sez it's a piece of home-fitness equipment, and I will tout it as such when I whine and use the full force of my daughterly-wiles to ask my daddy if he'll buy me one.

*flutters eyelashes*

Alright, so my daddy doesn't actually read my blog, and I'll probably be buying one for myself, but the point is: I can't remember the last time that I had that gimme-gimme feeling, probably not since I was about... oh.... twenty (he he) but I'm having that tingly new-toy kinda feeling, and I'm hoping I can justify such a huge purchase by relabeling a PS2, dance-pad and video games as a health-related purchase. Fox news seems to agree, not that their opinion counts for much, but hey, I found this link! And this one too. Interesting, very interesting...


PS: Leaving for summer camp tomorrow morning and won't be back until the 13th. Amuse yourselves in my absence.


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