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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Fame, Fortune, and Cheese-Naan

The time is 3:27 pm. By six o 'clock, Owlie and I have to be at the Daewoo station to catch a bus to Lahore, where we'll crash Hemmie's house, bounce on the furniture and eat cheese-naan till we explode. :D

We're also going to rendezvous with Chai, Ushi and her 3 sisters, one of which is getting married (Mabrook, MashaAllah!). Incidentally, in spite of it being 3:27 (3:29 now actually) I still haven't packed, my clothes are not back from the tailor and I haven't made any cookies yet. I'm a last-minute kind of man, or couldn't you guys tell? he he

But yes, on to randomness. AFP is holding it's first ever, maybe annual psuedo-journalism awards. The top three news stories submitted before I return to Isb (Monday) will not only receive psuedo-accolades, psuedo-fame, and psuedo-pretige, they will also win awards. I'm serious. Ask Yasminay about the monkeys. So, if you like surprises and you like writing nonsense, email your stories to me @ zhkhan@gmail.com before Monday.

Next stop: Hemmie's House!


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