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Thursday, November 18, 2004

heads up

This morning I saw Tabib #2 about my badly-behaved head. He said (after the mandatory toothpick) that he thought I was having varient migraines. Then he starting naming things like mint and chocolate and coffee and cheese and I became overjoyed in the false hope that he was giving me a prescription but Alas! he was telling me what I must not eat.

Crayon was asking me whether I was happy with this diagnosis. I think I am. Short of being able to trade your diseases in (I don't like this illness, can I have a different one please?) this is the closest thing I can get to a downgrade. Migraines, no prob. Take two of these, take a nap, and take a tissue to wipe away the tears as you stare longingly at the chocolate. :p

I don't know if I'm convinced of the diagnosis so much as I just want to be convinced of it. Either way, I'll be a good and dutiful patient for a week before going back to Tabib #2 and I hope InshaAllah that parhaizi (Urdu word meaning: no good eats) will be enough to fix things.

Gots to go bake stuff. Abezistan is descending upon Lahore this weekend and this calls for cookies.


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