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Sunday, December 19, 2004

an abbreviated blog

- Went to Murree and got cold, wet, and freezing. Piled seven people into one Corolla for the trip and had an AWESOME time. I don't often type awesome in caps lock. Consider this particular use of the adjective to be especially powerful.

- My homeez brought a 12-inch Galaxy chocolate bar. Eight inches are gone. I may or may not be responsible for six of them, depending on who's asking and who's answering with melted chocolate on their face.

- Saw feet with red manicured toenails in purple rhinestone stilettos. I was scared.

- Drove into a pile of rocks and narrowly avoided hitting a median and another car on the way back from Murree (dad was driving, you guys can't blame me). That was exciting in an adrenaline flavored, sick to your stomach kind of way.

- Happily paid a nice man at the bathrooms in Murree who gave me hot water to do wudu with. Bless him. And his lota.


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