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Thursday, January 06, 2005

top of the mornin, top of me head

*crawls dramatically through debris*

*pulls self up to keyboard*

Must.... Blog!....

*foomphs comfily into chair. foomph!*

Dear Blogistan,

This blog is really and totally going to be off the top of my head. And that really and totally is going to be the only excuse I'm going to offer for, 'So, what do you guys look like?'

Seriously. I wanna know what everyone looks like. I like knowing what bloggers look like because it puts their writing into a context. It helps to know a bit of background info. Take, for example, Knicq. His blog is ten times funnier when you realize that not only is he not as fat, bald, or bearded as he makes himself out to be, but he's also just as hillarious in real life as he is on paper. His blog is authentic. Chai, too. Not only is the nonsense she posts genuine, it's also spontaneous, and it tends to come out in the middle of wholly unrelated conversations, and we tend to laugh at her. And then she beats us into Jujitsu victims.

Hemmie's blog is made better by the huge discrepancy that exists between how she looks and how she sounds. Don't be intimidated or fooled. She's adorable. She has a squeaky, surili little voice. And since she's all the way in Lahore, she has to drive three hours just to punch me, so I think I'm safe. For now.

Crayon's blog has to, absolutely has to be read in her accent. I think her accent is East London. Whatever it is, it's contagious. I've confessed to her that I type in a British accent, but I haven't the backbone to try mine out in front of her. She would, as she so Englishly told me, 'take the piss out of me' if I did.

So I want to know what you guys look like, and because it's 2 am, you have to describe yourself in ten words or less.


Happy faced, piggy-eyed, pink sweater wearing Abez with freckles.


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