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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

my little brother the lethal weapon

So today I had my first karate lesson. Hi-YA! In case you're wondering, I never found a female martial arts instructor, but I do have the next best thing. Or at least a somewhat good thing. Ok, I have an instructor who makes fun of my coordination. He elbowed me in the head. I kicked him in the butt when he wasn't looking. He delivered the lesson while halfway watching the Discovery Channel and halfway leaning on Owlie's chair. He taught me the three basic blocks and then told me to practice and stop looking like such a girl. He made me do all of them ten times (my shoulders hurt) and I have another class the day after tomorrow. My little brother, the accidental teacher.

He's not a trained instructor, but he's the only instructor I have, and I happily submit to the good-natured abuse in exchange for martial arts training. *insert Bruce-Lee noise here* So maybe after a few lessons I'll be a deadly weapon and I can break people over my knee without breaking a sweat. Or, at least be able to block them in three different ways...

So yeah, I'm sore, but I'm slightly more skilled. I get a day off from martial arts tomorrow, because I have to hop on the elliptical trainer and then lift weights. Am I boasting? A little, but I need something to show for this pain, and like the lizard who jumped from the high iroko tree, I will praise myself if no one else does. *flex* *yelp!*

Aaaaaaaaaaarrrgh... yeah, that's it for my blog. I'm sore all over, and my little brother is a funny teacher. Yay!


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