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Monday, August 21, 2006

Details, Details

AssalamuAlaikum alls of ya'll

JazakAllahu Kheiran for all the duas and well-wishes and the 'what the heck happened?'s I've gotten. So here's what happened. Basically, as we were passing through an intersection on a yellow light, a car coming from our right slammed into us from the side, knocking us into the turn lane on oncoming traffic and into the front end of a truck. It looked like this:

The other car, a BMW, had been waiting for the light to change, but for whatever reason, decided to accelerate before it turned green. It shot out of the red light fast enough to knock us askew, and as the car spun the rear-end of our vehicle hit the bmw again, knocking the bumper off. Then we crashed into the front of the truck. The car is quite simply totalled. It took three consecutive impacts, the first from the bmw on the side, another from the bmw at the back, and the third from driving head-on into a truck.

SubhanAllah for good people, the man who had been in the car to the left of the bmw had also been waiting for the light to change, and he testified to the police that he had been waiting at the same signal and saw the bmw accelerate when the light was still red. He's also the man who brought Bebe's car seat and stroller to me, first to the shop, and then again to the hospital. We were all driven away by police/ambulance reapectively, so he packed our stuff into his car and followed us there after talking to the police.

And imagine my surprise when Knicq appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. I was waiting for my turn in x-ray when he showed up, even before HF did, bringing his usual supply of cheer and comfort. JazakAllah Knicq. You are a good bhai.

And my lovely HF called when he was enroute, and when I answered the phone he said, "You know, Abez, if you want me to spend more time with you there are better ways of letting me know." And then he bought me chocolate and took me for an adventurous spin in the wheel chair, and we went zipping through the halls of the hospital with Khalid riding asleep in my lap.

It's been two or three days I think, but I have yet to let myself even think of what might have happened. I am very well aware that any one of us could have died should Allah have decided so, but I refuse to imagine anything having happened to Khalid. Even writing this right now is difficult- my throat gets tight and my eyes fill and I get this horrified, panicky feeling. I can't imagine my life without Bebeface. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose him. I don't want ever to be lost to him, either. Chalk it up to Momma hormones, but to think of my baby crying and me not being able to be there for him- to think of my child growing up without his mother-


May Allah bless and reward and shower with mercy and kindness everyone who brought nercy and comfort and kindness to us. Allah, please give us life so long as life is good for us and death when death is good for us, and reunite us with those we love in the hereafter. Ameen


At 21/8/06 3:10 PM, Blogger crayon said...

soooo glad that now was not the 'good for you' time ..Al Humdullilah, Al Humdullilah, Al Humdullilah

anyways, nice place you got here (i think) *scratched head and wonders where i can get a coffee round here*

At 21/8/06 4:37 PM, Blogger Crazed Teacher said...

alhamdullilah , i know i say it a lot but give sadaka . and may allah always keep u in his protection ameen

At 21/8/06 10:26 PM, Anonymous Anju said...

glad to know all of you are well, alhamdulillah, and that you received such help and love from friends and strangers.

also - congrats on the new domain! and now we've found ourselves in the "2 women in the same dress" situation, we have the same blog template :) I already have a real-life twin but you and I can be blog-twins!

At 22/8/06 9:04 PM, Anonymous taubah said...

Salaams, I've been reading your blog for a while and good to see that now you allow comments. Congrates on the baby Alhamdulillah, and Alhamdulillah you are both well and were not badly hurt by the accident. Insha'Allah Allah will keep you and your family well.

Also congrates on the marriege the last time I talked with you you were not married. I wonder if you remember me. MWS MM Adib, well take care . Of and guess what I am now 7months pregnant with our second child.

At 23/8/06 11:33 AM, Anonymous Mona said...

SubhanAllah. I'm so glad you're all okay.

At 24/8/06 2:42 AM, Blogger baj said...

as i said before, alhumdulillah, so glad you guys are alright. and i'm with crayon - i'll have a decaf mocha, please.

At 25/8/06 2:59 AM, Blogger vora said...

subhanallah for the constant jolting reminders God throws our way

At 25/8/06 7:26 PM, Anonymous hemlock said...

exactly bez love, if you want me b y your side, just ask :) imna be with you very soon. dont wreck cars in the process?
i love u :) and am glad you and khalid are safe.

At 26/8/06 11:24 PM, Blogger Saira said...

Assalamualaikum, Abez!

Alhamdulillah you are safe and well. Wow! It's hard to imagine being in that situation, but I can see how traumatic it must have been.


(BTW - you ARE witty and important... hehe)

At 27/8/06 6:21 AM, Blogger Abez said...

JazakAllahu Kheiran to all of y'all for the duas.

Taubah: Yeah, I remember you! Mabrook! How is MWS doing?

Anju: Come on, you know me. This blog template is going to be changed as soon as bebefacedly possible! When have I ever left well-enough alone? hehe

Baj: This blog does nay serve coffee, only tea, Wit-Tea, haw haw. (this corny joke brought to you by HF)

Hemmie: You were supposed to be in my country two weeks ago! You think I've forgotten? Hurry up!

At 6/12/06 3:34 AM, Anonymous Khawab said...

hain ur comment thing says u've 0 comments *scratchin ma head*

oh well
was jst passing through like ur blog....thought to drop some paki love n respect....
thx 2 Allah that u guys r olrit...
loads n loads of duas on ur way....


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