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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Wouldja like to take a sur-vay?

AssalamuAlaikum Every Mc Bodies who may still occasionally come to my blog. :) A friend of mine is compiling information on Muslim eating habits in Ramadan for an article, and needs help.

Can you please fill out this one-page survey?




At 7/8/08 11:58 AM, Blogger baj said...

done. and now, hungry.

At 8/8/08 12:21 AM, Anonymous Ayesha said...


and do share the results with us. Is it just a hard core fact gathering survey or your friend has any hypothesis?

At 8/8/08 1:31 AM, Blogger Saira said...

Done. Really good questions, I gotta say.

At 8/8/08 2:59 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Thanks for filling out the survey guys! I'm using the results of this survey to write an article for a certain website where I am to compare the consumption habits of Muslims during Ramadan to that of the Prophet (saw) and I am to provide guidelines on how we can better follow the Sunnah in terms of what and how much we eat. My hypothesis is that we're consuming a whole lot more than we should be and instead of the month of Ramadan being a period of abstinence, refelction, and moderation it's becoming one of extravagance and indulgence! Let’s see what my results have to say though, so far they haven’t been TOO bad! :)

At 9/8/08 7:12 AM, Blogger Professor Moriarty said...

I'm a little rusty on the muslim eating habits...but if they complile redneck habits, put me in the "anything smaller n' me" category...

At 9/8/08 3:47 PM, Blogger UmmAbdullah said...

Do tell us where we'd be able to read the article when it's done


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