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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Toddler Anxiety Issues

I must have the only two year old in the world who can cry so long and so hard that he gives himself a nosebleed. Or starts hyperventilating. Anyone else have anything similar?


At 24/5/08 11:03 AM, Blogger American Muslima Writer said...

Whoa! Have you talked to his doctor about this! It sounds very serious that he's not adjusting well to the baby and maybe he/she can help you get some new ideas because sorry but i dont know how i would deal witha kid taht can't talk yet. (which is why I demandd a +2 year spacing for my kids lol) so maybe the doc will have somehting useful to help Khalid. Yikes hyperventalating can be scary.

At 25/5/08 1:19 AM, Anonymous crayon said...

Assalamu Alaikum hon, i have just had a blog reading sesh for the first time in months.
I know you're not worried about Khalid not talking but id like to put my '2 penneth worth in' anyways. I reckon hes not talking because hes so busy taking in all the languages around him, when he does talk its gonna be multi lingual. And regarding the temper tantrums, i would be inclined to let him get on with it for a good 20 mins, just completely ignore it as if you can't even hear him(easier said then done, i know)then give him a cuddle as if nothings happened and he may start to figure that the way to get mums attention is not by throwing a wobbly... just an idea (can't remember how 'da momma' dealt with Shan, can you?).
Making du'aa for you anyways hon, take care, love to babes' x

At 27/5/08 5:53 AM, Blogger EnJay said...

babies do get into hyperventilating mode at times, but nosebleeds! whoa!

At 27/5/08 8:16 PM, Blogger Owl said...

dude, um, i'd say talk to a bebe specialist. there's always a better way to manage things.

At 28/5/08 3:29 AM, Anonymous Traveller said...

my lil bro didnt start talking till he was 3; he was confused with the mix of languages around him. it happens. :)

re: nosebleeds and tears - wish i could help! iA, try seeing a specialist, as owl's suggested.

hope it all goes well!


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