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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

And the winner of the 'Guess Abez's Headache' is....

*opens envelope*

none other than...

*blinks charmingly into camera*

KarrvaKarela! For his on-the-spot diagnosis of nueralgia. Technically, it's Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia, which is the blessedly less painful cousin of a disease "universally considered to be the most painful affliction known to medical practice."

Don't freak out, I have the lesser-known, less severe cousin. Mine's atypical in that I don't have sudden intense flashes of lightening in my head, I have a week-long hippopotamus convention meeting on the side of my face instead. Alhamdulillah, I feel fine. Really. I think I'm typing this for the benefit of Owlie, who looks more peturbed than I do whenever I get sick. But that's why I love her. :)

So yeah, painkillers for me. This should go away eventually InshaAllah. No biggie. :) I just can't seem to do anything normally, he he. My stomach aches are chronic gastritis, my headaches are atypical neuralgia.

What, me normal?

Pick your flavor Amir. You deserve it. :)


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