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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


(I typed this blog last night and then ran out of internet hours, so now it's being posted after the fact, ex-post-facto, har har! -ahem- Ok, moving on...)

LB: I’m tired.
RB: Me too.
LB: Let’s go to bed.
RB: Ok.
LB: …
RB: …
LB: I thought we were going to bed.
RB: I thought you were going to take us?
LB: I can’t. Too tired.
RB: If we’re too tired to get to bed then how are we going to go to bed?
LB: The floor is close…
RB: It’s not bed though.
LB: But we’re not too tired to go to floor…
RB: We can’t go to floor.
LB: Why not? It’s right there, and it looks so soft.
RB: What do you mean it looks soft? Your eyes are closed.
LB: It looks better that way.


RB: I’m tired.
LB: Me too.
RB: Hey, remember in Lahore, when we were so tired we couldn’t even think straight, but then we went to the amusement park and rode a couple things and suddenly we were awake again?
LB: Yes, but how’s that relevant.
RB: I’m not sure. I’m tired.
LB: Me too.
RB: I’m more tired than you are.
LB: That’s not humanly possible.
RB: Yes it is.
LB: Nu-unh
RB: Uh-hunh.
LB: Nu-unh
RB: Un-Hunh
LB: …
RB: …
LB: Let’s go to floor already.
RB: Ok.

(abeZ falls off chair)

The End.



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