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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

1. What is your blogger site name? (2) Why did you choose such a name? (3) Tell us a short story that tells us the reason for choosing the name you post with.

As proof of precisely how lazy I am, I’m commenting on Some Desi’s recent post and calling it a blog entry. It’s not that I don’t wanna talk about the trip to Lahore, it’s just that this is easier for now. Yep

1. What is your blogger site name?

Abezavecrat: abeZ sez AssalamuAlaikum

2 & 3 Why did you choose such a name? Tell us a short story that tells us the reason for chosing the name you post with.

Abez avec rat. Abez with rat. I used to own a two-foot tall, ugly, rubber rat in a ball-room gown. She was Tyrattasaurus Regina, Queen of the Terrible Rats. It was once customary to pick up Regina and speak your mind through her, for example:

-What are we going to do for dinner?

-I want macaroni.

-I don’t want Macaroni. Momma sez you should make a casserole.

-(holding up rat) Rat sez momma sez knock you out.

Abez sez AssalamuAlaikum. Rat sez other stuff but fortunately Rat doesn’t have a blog. :D


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