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Friday, February 11, 2005

Friday, Friday Friday!

So here's my big Friday blog: we're going to the UAE! Yay! My 'rents are going to the UAE to check out property and new acquisitions and they're taking us along! Shopping, baybee! I'm going to stuff myself on cream cheese and shawarma and stuff! Stuff! They didn't want to take us, and I started having flashbacks of 1993 when my father and brother went for a three-day tour of Jordan and Petra (first class) without taking anyone else along. They came back with only stories of the amazing stone city they had seen, much to our chagrin. (my dad went to Petra and all I got was this lousy t-shirt?)

So yes, after much negotiation and daughterly whining (daddy, you never take us anywhere!) Owlie and I have our tickets booked along with our parents' and we're all excited. It's nice that we get to look around the UAE before actually moving there too, because as much as I like surprises, I'd prefer that a permanent move to a new country have as few as possible. If it's searingly hot, I want to know that before I bring my sweaters next time, and if they don't really have belly-dancing scorpions, then I'm just going to have to take some from here. Be prepared! that's the boy scout motto. I may never have been a boy scout, but I met a girl scout once, and she tasted like cookies. I digress.

As crazy as this sounds, this is my first real vacation, ever. Yes, I've been down on weekend trips to grandma's house and summer trips to Pakistan and summer trips from Pakistan back to the US, and once I spent four days in Jackson Hole, but that was for a conference. I also got to spend a weekend in Alexandria (not Egypt, Virginia) but I have never been anywhere that wasn't the US or Pakistan. Hey man, this time we're even staying in a hotel and buying things like shiny hijab pins and halva and maybe even a sand dune. I like sand dunes, I'll get one and my golden mole can live in it.

So yeah, I'm going to Dubai! I'm going to Dubai! Woohoo!


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