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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Bebefiles: 20 Months- we don't need no stinkin verbal communication!

Khalid doesn't talk yet, and that doesn't seem to be holding him back. Case in point- Khalid wanted cheerios.

When Khalid wants a book read, he will track me down and hand it to me. When Khalid wants a date, he brings me the box. When Khalid wants to go out, he brings me a shoe. (Just one, it's enough to get the message across, but then we have to spend ten minutes looking for the other one because he's probably put it in his toy box)

Khalid has a variety of interesting sound effects in his verbal jukebox, but no meaningful ma-ma or ba-ba. Compare this to the 120-word list of my vocabulary at 18 months that my own Momma recorded for me. Khalid seems to be a little behind schedule when you compare him to baby Abez, but as far as other milestones go, he's way ahead of the game.

Take, for example, eating dirt. He may not even be two years old, but my Bebeface is a full-fledged dirt-eater. That in itself bumps him from 'baby' to 'miniature boy.' Why? Because babies don't eat dirt, but little boys sure do! Khalid drives toy cars all over the furniture (and walls and floors and family members) which is also a very little-boy behavior. He doesn't go vroom vroom yet, but I know he's thinking it.

He also drinks from a cup on his own, and is decently good at it, except when he stos paying attention and then pours his entire drink into the space one inch from his open mouth. Oh, and he eats bath bubbles too. That's very advanced, is it not?

*beams with pride*

My little boy. They grow up so fast!

*wipes away tear*



At 26/11/07 11:44 AM, Anonymous hemlock said...

well. he squels when he sees me. that HAS to count? :D

*huggers* im coming over. someday now

At 29/11/07 12:20 PM, Blogger Mona said...

haha, they do. khalid is such a cutie. i'm sorry that i missed him the last time was over. we should try and get together this (not really) long weekend?
i.e., the long weekend isn't really long not that i don't really want to see you guys.

At 29/11/07 9:15 PM, Blogger Saira said...

Hahaha, loving Mona's comment correction.

Salaam, Abez! Awww, mashaAllah, Khalid sounds like a very clever little boy. He's clearly linked the right objects to his objectives! My nephew brings the car keys whenever he wants to go out, and he used to say "Chochain!" (his version of "Chalo, chalain!")

At 30/11/07 7:48 AM, Anonymous mayya said...

oh my brother was like that too. and he used to eat garbage right out of the dustbin and not talk much. He's 19 now, barely talks and still get messages across via non verbal communication.

on a side note, turns out my husband is good friends with yours and I've been reading your blog for ages. Small world :)

At 1/12/07 3:21 AM, Blogger DeOwl said...

Dirt eating, eh? That puts him in dubious company. Namely, our lil brother's. On the upside, perhaps we can expect him to be 6'3 and magnetically loveable?

At 10/12/07 3:10 PM, Blogger Abez said...

Mayya: sorry to leave your message unresponded to for so long- I asked Waleed who your husband was, and he was like, how should I know what my friends' wives names are! So now he's wondering which of his friends we're connected through as well. :) Are you in the UAE by any chance?

Saira: Khalid doesn't talk yet, but he will chase me around the house with one (singular shoe) to get the same message across :)

Hemmie: We miss you! Come and play!

Mona: Man, we missed this weekend, but the pics you sent of Hana were MashaAllah!!!!! so adorable! She really does look like a little doll!

Owlie-pie- Hmm, well, I don't think I want bebeface to be so tall that I'm always conversing with his nostrils, but magnetically loveable is good. :) I miss Zaymun, is he doing ok?

At 16/12/07 3:35 AM, Anonymous mayya said...

Abez: I'm not in UAE, in DC currently and tell your hubby that I'm Mrs. Nash, he'll know!=) hehe
And congratulations on the new expected lil one and I have a feeling I just might get to meet you sometimes because my husband is in loveeeeeeee with UAE, visits often and he's even suggesting we do our honeymoon there because we've both had bad food experiences in non-muslim countries so just because the food in Dubai is good and halal, that qualifies it as an ideal honeymoon spot!


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