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Monday, January 07, 2008

Updates all around

Update number 1: we know the gender of the mystery bean! hahahahahaaaa!! And if you know me well enough to have my phone number or email address, I'll tell you! But if not, you can wait until the end of March to find out! hahahaha!

Update number 2: We're in the process of moving to a place closer to HF's work, so computer (as well as leisure) time is little and lacking. The good news is, HF will now have half an hour of commute instead of an hour and a half of commute (we're talking one way here folks), and I'm really looking forward to having him around again. :)

Update number 3: Sleep training is continuing in some form or another, with mixed results, but I haven't the time to go into detail, cuz this fat tired pregnant blogger needs a nap.

By Zeba the end.


At 8/1/08 11:07 AM, Blogger Mona said...

i've emailed!
and dude you're moving. back to dubai i'm guessing

At 8/1/08 11:43 PM, Blogger baj said...

you move around and travel so much i wonder why you even unpack! mabrook on cutting down the commute. mine has gone from 2 hours round-trip to 2 seconds down the hall. love it.

At 13/1/08 1:15 PM, Blogger Abez said...

mona; You are cordially invited to come be my neighbor, please please please please!

Baj: I wonder too, and you know, a great deal of our stuff was STILL boxed from the last move, so hooray! a plus for being lazy!


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