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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This must be what it's like when your kid graduates from med school

My little boy, my handsome little son, is painting. A blue square. With washable paints, with slow, deliberate jabs at the paper, and his little tongue poking out in concentration.

I. Am. So. Proud.

*gets misty eyed*

Khalid's working with one of his therapists right now. We began his ABA two weeks ago, and we now drive into Dubai four days a week for Khalid to learn things like matching colors, and stacking shapes, and how to talk (InshaAllah, one day) and also, how to paint a blue square. :)

Iman is home with Ruth, her BFF as well as our full-time Khalid-chaser. Ok, technically, she's a nurse, but she lives with us and helps me with the kids and the house and takes care of Iman while I take Khalid to therapy and keeps me company as well and compliments my cooking. I am reluctant to call Ruth the 'help' or the maid or the nanny, because there's a negative stigma attached with 1. Being the 'help' or 2. Hiring help. But that's another post for another day InshaAllah. Right now, I'm just going to sit here and beam.




At 29/1/09 5:36 PM, Blogger hemlock said...

*sits next to you and beams right along*

you are an amazing and exceptional woman and i take my hats off to you. i'd like to come along for the graduation and take pictures =)


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