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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Let's talk tonsils.

So, tonsils.  They're these things that don't apparently do much.  I say apparently because they must be there for a reason, it's just not apparent to us what it is yet.  The sole purpose of mine seemed to be the harbouring of illegal rabble-rousing bacteria who contributed to regular throat infections.  Pharyngitis, laryngitis, you name it, and I've had an -itis in it, and it probably meant antibiotics and losing my voice, or worse- finding my voice sounding like a chain-smoking truck driver, one that HF affectionately named Frank.  

So about my tonsils.  They're gone now.  But they are making darn sure I won't forget them.  SubhanAllah for your health, Alhamdulillah- the ability to do something as simple as swallow is a blessing that you don't appreciate until unable to, you end up spitting blood into tissues while your body convulses in pain.  I am not being dramatic.  I am being honest.  Alhamdulillah, I think the worst may be over, but that could be because my orthopedic surgeon (who had nothing to do with the tonsillectomy)  saw me this afternoon for a follow-up and graciously prescribed me a shot of painkillers.   He's a Good. Person.  

Around half an hour after the shot, I was able to see the world a little more optimistically, as well as swallow my own spit, and once the warm numbness spread throughout the rest of my throat, HF and I hightailed it to Tony Roma's, where I had my first meal in three days.  I washed it down with three huge glasses of iced tea.  That was four hours ago.  The pain killers will be wearing off soon, and I'm guessing that my outlook on this whole tonsillectomy thing will get much bleaker when it does, but for the moment, I think I'm ok.   Iman is sitting on my desk eating cheerios and laughing just a few inches away from the keyboard.  Khalid and HF are out dropping off Ruth- it's her day off, and she's worked hard juggling both kids while I've been out of commission, and she really needs the break.  

My brain feels a bit fuzzy, and I'm pretty sure that this blog entry will make less sense later than it does now.  Also, thank God for spellcheck.  

The End.



At 30/4/09 9:24 PM, Blogger baji said...

yikes. get well soon! aren't you glad we don't live in ye olde days when something like this would mean death rather than a few days of pain and discomfort?

*cue monty python's 'always look on the bright side of life'*

At 1/5/09 7:03 AM, Blogger Carol said...

TGI-Over. Hope you feel better very soon. Lots of milkshakes (soymilkshakes) are the cure. I had mine out at 19 and after a week of milkshakes I thought I would never eat ice cream again... but that's another story. Hope you are as much healther and happier without yours as I am without mine. -love, Mom

At 3/5/09 6:29 AM, Anonymous mayya said...

My tonsils gave me a hard time and I was continuously on antibiotics till I got the tonsillectomy when I was 15. Yeah the pain is really bad initially, just stick to painkillers like Ansaid or feldene, have a lot of ice cream and my doctor recommended that I also chew gum to exercise the muscles.
I would communicate by writing since I couldn't talk and not watch funny programs on tv either since laughing was a pain. I'd give it 12-15 days and you'd be fine!
oh and post tonsils life mashAllah is very very blissful :)

p.s. I remember our freezer went out of order since all visitors thought they had to bring ice cream and there was ice cream overload. We had to share some with the neighbours

p.p.s sorry for the long rant

At 6/5/09 4:08 AM, Blogger Carol said...

How did the autism walk go? I assume you missed it because of the surgery.

At 6/5/09 11:01 PM, Blogger Abez said...

Baji; I know, SubhanAllah! In in Ye Olde Days, they didn't have painkillers! EEEEE!

Momma; Yeah, I missed it. I had NO idea that I wouldn't be good to go two days post-surgery. Don't ask me why, I just assumed I'd be up and about in a few hours! Silly me.

Mayya: Please don't apologize for the comment, I have to apologize because I don't often get the chance to reply to comments! LOL@ your freezer suffering from icecream over-load, that sounds like something I should endeavour to one day. Now, what *else* can I remove that requires ice-cream as part of post-op recovery... hmmmmm


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