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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Where O Where is Khalid?

Notice, no eye holes. Thank God we have soft furniture!
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At 9/5/09 7:56 AM, Blogger Minal said...


At 10/5/09 9:00 AM, Blogger Owl said...

Hey, I'm sure he knew what he was doing. Not being able to see is AS fun sometimes as not being seen. :)

At 11/5/09 4:03 PM, Blogger hemlock said...

hot couture

At 12/5/09 12:33 PM, Blogger Abez said...

You know what the best thing about this was? That Khalid put the bag on of his own volition, and enjoyed slowly creeping & bumping around the livingroom until he accidentally tore it in his enthusiasm. heh.

Also, the bag smelled like 1 kilo of mixed grill from Lebanese Grills. I wonder if that's the real reason he was in there for so long.

At 16/5/09 7:54 PM, Blogger Dinky Mind said...

Awww, cutie baby =)

At 19/5/09 5:02 AM, Blogger Carol said...

At this age, not seeing and not being seen ARE the same thing.
Ummmm, lebanese grill.... send that bag to me.
Love, Mom


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