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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

*Only* in Dubai

Only, only in Dubai, do we have firemen who ride around in a rescue Corvette. The trunk is full of firefighting equipment, and this unit's job is just to drive up and down Sheikh Zayed Road to rescue people trapped in burning cars.

This may be the best and most valid use for a Corvette. Ever.

HF and I happened to stop at this cafeteria on the Abu Dhabi/Dubai highway, and had our socks shocked off when this pulled up next to us. HF being the fearless one, walked up to the window, introduced himself, and asked the fireman (who was ordering a fresh juice) whether he would give his wife (me!) a tour of the car.

We got pictures and an explaination of everything in the trunk, as well as the goofy satisfaction of telling the nice firefighters (who were wearing their shiny, fire-proof pants with Air, Fire & Rescue Dubai t-shirts) that they were the coolest firefighters we had ever seen.


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At 14/10/09 9:45 AM, Blogger hemlock said...

yes, but have they ACTUALLY rescued anyone? didja ask?

At 3/12/09 5:53 AM, Anonymous knicq said...

istop making me nostalgic!

At 17/2/10 10:02 PM, Blogger BaptizedLucifer said...

hahah i have seen that car on SZR.... even took a pic of it from my bros BB and posted it on his fbook!

At 15/10/10 3:14 AM, Blogger American Muslima Writer said...

LOL yes only in dubai, awesome you got to blog it!


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