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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hooray for free Wifi! Blogging from the hospital

For my next trick, I will post a two minute review of the hospital before the nurse comes in and starts poking me with things.

The room is nice. Like five-star nice. Hotel nice. With mini fridge and huge flat screen TV, and and vanity kit and lotion and mosaic tiles and luxury bathroom fitting, etc etc. And there's a pool and spa, but that's just for the VIP patients. Which I am obviously not, but I think if I were here longer I would try and see how strictly they enforce their entrance policy :p

I was actually here three days ago, and that time in the ER. I had food poisoning, which is why my surgery was postponed, and I have to say their ER staff was so ridiculously nice. They even picked me up off the floor when I passed out in radiology.

The nurse on duty just came in and introduced herself. Her name is Pumula, and she is a tall, black South African woman who name means 'To Rest.' Culturally, this is what a mother names her youngest child. I asked her how the mother knows this one will be the last, and she answered "You know, it's interesting because in those days there was no birth control, so I suppose if a mother named their last child Pumula then the husband just knew he was supposed to go away." Haha!

The City Hospital gets a positive review on their nursing staff as well.

So far so good. My surgery is set to begin in an hour, and I'm not sure how much earlier they plan on taking me in to the OR. So I should wrap up and unpack my stuff because I won't be able to do so later. I'll be having spinal anesthesia instead of general, so I'll be awake for the procedure but won't be able to walk four two hours afterwards, or so they say.

Off we go!



At 8/8/09 6:38 PM, Blogger Jo said...

****Good Thoughts***** going your way. I will have to poke around your blog a bit to figure out what kind of surgery you are having (what? You're going to be awake???) but I wish you a speedy recovery and your hospital room sounds nicer than my living room.


At 10/8/09 8:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe it would be more appropriate to twitter the surgery.


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