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Saturday, January 19, 2008

T-minus ten hours and counting...

The movers will be here in ten hours, to box, bubble-wrap, and tape shut our worldly possessions and ship them to the new place which, at the moment, has neither internet nor a fridge :p The fridge is coming on Sunday InshaAllah, the internet is coming when Etisalat says so.

Incidentally, I own too much stuff again, but that is another blog for another unknown day. Please make dua for us, moving plus being 31 weeks pregnant (the beginning of month 8) as well as the keeper of a tantrumariffic toddler is physically taxing as well simply stressful.

Catch y'all on the flip side!

-Abez & Co.


At 19/1/08 1:25 PM, Anonymous baji said...

an ocean of du'as for ye! i remember being 9 mo. preg and attending LB's wedding AND selling our house AND moving into the current one. ZP was born about a week after we moved. not the easiest of times. but makes for good stories, right? and isn't that what life is all about? ;)

At 23/1/08 12:46 AM, Anonymous Zonee said...

dearest .... like you said we are just a few interchanges away from you .... just stand in your terrace and givve a loud cry :)
will try to be there whenever you need me!
oopes! u dont have the internet !.. oopes!.. ok i'll give you a call tom inshallah ...
you can read this comment later
Prayers and Duas for you
take care


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