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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hooray for Baskin Robbins

And for HF who brought me a whole gallon of Dutch Chocolate to begin with.

We're home from two nights in the hospital, but we still seem to be pregnant. *checks enormous stomach* Yep, definitely still pregnant. In what may be a perfectly normal but seriously frustrating experience in childbearing, we've been in early labor two days now, nothing overly painful, all systems basically go, but no active labor to push Mystery Bean into making his/her debut.

The nurses told me to walk, so I walked. And when that didn't work, I raced HF up the hospital stairwell, and then we walked some more. I've spent two nights and two days walking around the hospital, and finally the doctors gave in to my insistence on going home. I figured if I am going to walk and wait, I might as well in the comfort of my own house with a bowl of my own ice cream.

Today we are Term + 6, which is the medical way of saying this baby should have been out six days ago. If I'm still pregnant by T+8, then I have a scheduled induction waiting for me, which is the medical way of saying that this baby is going to be served an eviction notice!

It's been an interesting experience, but I will blog more about it later. There's a nap with my name on it, and I'm going to go fall into it face-first.


At 28/3/08 9:10 AM, Blogger Carol said...

Doesn't this babe know she is anxiously awaited around the world?

Come on out, girlie, we are waiting for you!
Your Rignma

At 29/3/08 1:20 AM, Blogger American Muslima Writer said...

Ohh my goodness! You must be so anxious! I had the same problem with second time. I was late a week +8 and boy was I like ok the baby will come out people I'm not waiting another week. Indiction ensued.... I hope it will still be beautiful for you even if you're indiced.... and that's a very funny way of putting it..eviction notice hehehe. Makes me imagine the docotr checking dialation then shouting up to the babay "OK you've got a notice of 48 hours to evacuate the premises or we will bring on the induction." ...Baby rolls over repetedly grasping to it's last hours of comfort.... ;)
I wish you well sister. Make du'a for everyone with every scream honey and it will be answered and you will have so much rewards. May Allah protect you and the baby and make you the best of Muslims and give you Jannah YA RABB!


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