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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Husbandfiles: My Hero :)


I have nightmares pretty often these days as my sleeping brain tries to make its own explanation up for why we're in pain. Though the real reason is full-term pregnancy, my brain thinks it's zombies. Our stomach hurts not because we have indigestion, but because the zombies got us. Our legs hurt not because of poor circulation, but because the zombies are chewing on them. If our arm hurts, it's not because we have it wedged uncomfortably against the headboard- not unless the zombies did that for us too.

So I woke up this morning, a lil disoriented and scared and shaken (yep, zombies) and hearing a sound from outside the bedroom, ran out hoping it was HF and not merely zombies using his toothbrush. HF, seeing the look on my face as well as what the zombies probably did to my hair in the middle of the night, immediately understood and did what he always does- he rescued me. :) We had a hug and two chocolate cookies and watched the trailer for Wall-E, by which time the zombies were old news. We woke up Khalid, tickled him until he looked less groggy, and then sent HF on his merry (and InshaAllah safe) way to work.

I love HF. I can't say that often enough, really. The other day, when I called him on the phone and demanded something chocolate, he came back with four packs of chocolate cookies and half a gallon of Baskin Robbins.

Midnight a few days before that, as I was going on my third half-hour of trying to battle Khalid to sleep, HF burst suddenly through the darkened bedroom door (ran back to turn on the lights, and then burst in again) to inform me that he was here to rescue me. Bebeface stopped caterwauling, HF gave me a hug, and then we did my favorite thing in the world- we unpacked boxes and cleaned the house. :) Two hours later, with the house clean and Khalid too exhausted to put forth resistance, we went peacefully to bed.

Alhamdulillah. JazakAllah. SubhanAllah.

HF, you are the awesomest.



At 13/3/08 12:57 PM, Anonymous EnJay said...

MashaAllah! :) Sounds awesome :)

At 14/3/08 12:51 AM, Blogger American Muslima Writer said...

Always thank Allah a million times a day for such a gem of a hubby. Good men like that are hard to come by but so precious. May he always be your hero. (rescuing you). Masha'Allah!

At 14/3/08 7:24 PM, Anonymous DeOwl said...

Revenge of Resident Evil. You thought you won, but they got theirs 0_0

At 16/3/08 4:13 PM, Anonymous A said...

Try Ben and Jerry's Phish Food, I been recommending it to everyone. The Ultimate Solace food (I only find it at sharjah CarreFoure, not even at deira city centre, can you imagine?)... that and chocolate digestive biscuits, healthy, yummy eatings. Oh and then there's Ikea's Swedish Almond Cake...ow! now I want all of 'em...and I just finished the last spoonfull of ice cream yesternight

At 16/3/08 4:14 PM, Anonymous A said...

My sis always maintained the a healthy choc-rich diet was essential in ensuring that the baby had a good taste in things, eatables, wearables, collectibles and teh likes.


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