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Friday, February 08, 2008

Blog in a bottle-

I tell you, first-born kids have all the luck- Khalid got the Bebefiles and there may be at least a dozen entries devoted to him, but Mystery Bean not only has only the faintest of mentions, but is also frequently bounced up and down on by Khalid, who either has zero idea what's going on, or every certainty that competition is coming, and is doing his best to squash it early.

People have asked me whether Khalid seems to be reacting to the great, huge bump in my shirt. Well, he does like to drive his toy cars on it, but that's about it. Umm, and he likes to pet my stomach too, but this recent development isn't limited to me- he will reach up his HF's shirt and feel around there, and up my pants legs too, and any opportunity he can get to touch and poke bare skin he will take, regardless of whose it is.

We're still on borrowed internet time, so I must cut and run, will try to update more soon-

Queen Abez of Boxville


At 8/2/08 9:49 PM, Blogger baj said...

ditto to everything you said! when i was preg with zp, every movement was noted and shared with tp and lb. but baby x could be turning cartwheels (and is right now) and yet all attention is trained on zp. zp has whole posts dedicated to him but baby x's arrival will be the funeral notice to my entire blog! poor second-borns. :)


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