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Monday, May 18, 2009

To paraphrase David Allen-

There are some days when the only thing you're good for is filling the stapler.  On those days, the most productive thing you can do is fill the stapler.  There is no point in trying to answer your email or put together a proposal or talk to an important client on the phone.  You haven't the brainpower for it, so just be content to fill the stapler.  

Today is a day for filling staplers.  But not too many of them, because they look heavy and complicated.

I'm sitting in corner of Khalid's therapy center with the laptop on my knees and a cup of black coffee by my side, I've also consumed copius amounts of decongestant, paracetemol, and herb tea.  I'm feeling like Ms.Pestilience 2009- and I probably look the part too.  I'm the lump in the corner with the hacking cough, blocked nose, and miserable looking eyes.  I got me some bad germs.  -koff-

I've been staring at my computer, dutifully composing and recomposing the same email for the last forty minutes.  I finally picked out the last of the typos, fragments, and goobledygook that working under the influence of germs tends to produce and mailed it.  Now I need a break.  There's a coffee shop downstairs and I hope they have chicken soup.



At 19/5/09 5:03 AM, Blogger Carol said...

Chicken soup will warm the cockels of your heart.
Feel better soon.
-Love, Mom

At 19/5/09 9:11 AM, Blogger Owl said...

Aw my love, I will cook you some soup. :) Can you hold out till Thursday, or shall I express it down to you?

And I wish I could loan you some of my immune system as well. You apparently got all the family's quota for smiliness and I got the rock-solid antibodies. Iman sneezed all over me and rubbed pancakes in my hair and I'm sure Khalid tried offering me some boogers, but I'm Alhamdullilah, ogie. :/ (want some of my bloooooood?)

At 19/5/09 3:11 PM, Blogger Abez said...

Thanks Momma :) I went down and had their cream of asparagus and it made the cockles of my heart much warmer, indeed. :)

Owlie: Obviously, Iman knows that all the cool people rub pancakes in their hair, so you should feel honored that she thinks you're cool. *nod* Btw, you and your rock-hard antibodies have yet to deal with the varied, unending germ onslaught that is motherhood, so we'll see whether or not you're sniffly two kids from now, ok? :p

At 22/5/09 4:15 PM, Anonymous Saeed said...

but even on ur downtime-days, u must b better than filling up staplers..?


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