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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Bebefiles: Ten fingers and sixteen months

In the last five minutes alone, Khalid has:

  • Placed one of my shoes in the bed next to HF (who is taking a nap)
  • Helped himself to a seam ripper that had been (or so I thought) safely out of his reach
  • Taken HF's glasses off of the desk (also, presumed to be safely out of reach) dropped them on the floor, and nearly succeeded in standing on them.

Khalid's previous exploits have included:

  • Infiltrating the bathroom and splashing about in the toilet up to his elbows
  • Removing the cover from the drain in the kitchen floor and staring down the dark hole
  • Sorting the dirty laundry from the basket, one article at a time
  • Hitting redial and making international phone calls
  • Emptying HF's sock drawer of socks

At the moment, Khalid is:

  • Sitting on the floor banging a green ball and an orange ring together
  • Heading my way with the orange ring
  • Dropping the ring on the floor
  • picking the ring back up
  • Dropping it again
  • (he likes the sound)


At 19/7/07 11:01 AM, Blogger Mona said...

ohhh, i love khalid's exploits! you ought to write children's books, you could do animations too.
remember when we wer ekids, we would read books like ahmed's first wudhu or sara's first ramadan.
a day in khalid's life.
khaid goes to the bathroom.
khalid hides momma's shoes.
khalid steps on daddy's glasses.
and so on.
so, hey are we meeting up today? and doesnt owlie leave tomm am?


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