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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Farewell Chateau

Chateau de Chateau- Castle of Castles, has been the name for my parent's home ever since I got married two years ago. It's been the place where I come back to be a daughter again, to laugh with my sister and get hugs from my parents and wake up late in the afternoon to find two different cakes in the refrigerator, both of which make an excellent breakfast.

Within a few weeks, the Chateau will be moving. Owlie is flying away to a super-cool science journalism fellowship where she will spend the next ten months evolving into an uber-journalist. I'm very proud of her, and very excited, and to say that I'll miss her is a drastic understatement.

Owlie and I, though we passed through a 'mortal enemy' stage somewhere during adolescence, are close enough to be considered two heads on the same set of shoulders. And although me getting married and moving off to husbandland has put some distance between us, it just means the shoulders have gotten a little bigger. I've kind of been avoiding the issue- not thinking too hard about it, trying not to bring it up, but within a week or so, Owlie will be gone and I will be oceans away from the sister that I have 24 years of inside jokes saved up with. (Tartar Sauce: The fish that doesn't swim)

It's only fair I guess, Owlie had to deal with Abez withdrawal when I got married, and now I have to deal with Owlie withdrawal for a while. It's not permanent though, InshaAllah she'll be back soon. And I'm going to fly down to the states to visit too.

And now Daddy will be heading state-side too. Lil Brudder, our great huge youngest sibling, is in need of some Dadderly guidance to get through college, and so Daddy is heading down for a few months. Momma has been in the states for a few months now, and you would think years of living like a nomad would desensitize me, but I miss my Momma. I miss Lil Brudder. And now I will miss Owlie and Daddy.

Alhamdulillah, I have HF and Bebeface here, and Hemmie has been drafted to be my stand-in sister, and Mona has volunteered too now that's she's back from India, which gives you the warm fuzzy feeling of being loved and knowing that you're not alone, but you can never replace your family. You can add on to it, but you can never replace it.

And the Chateau is being packed up and rented out, so my castle in the sky with cake in the fridge will have someone else living in it. Let's hope they bake. I wonder if they'll let me come over on Thursdays.



At 9/7/07 1:45 AM, Blogger Anjum (barsaat) said...

i did hear that owlie would be gracing America with her presence once again.. looking forward to hopefully running into her (and you on a visit?) sometime soon inshallah!

At 9/7/07 6:40 AM, Anonymous pingu said...

awww zeba baji , you can come visit my 'castle' in pkland , bring hf too :) highspeed internet , cookies and nice balcony view are a plus ;)

At 9/7/07 11:15 PM, Blogger Carol said...

Oh, don't make me cry. Come for a nice long visit. Dosn't HF want to get his PhD in the States? Now would be the perfect time.

At 10/7/07 5:02 PM, Blogger Abez said...

Anju: that would be cool, I'll give you a heads up when I can come down, nshaAllah

Pingu: Aw, JazakAllahuKheir for the offer, I really appreciate it! If HF, Bebeface and I pass through Pk we will definitely swing by your place. Btw, I thought you were state-side these days?

Momma: Hf has this funny little thing called a "job," lol, which he can't really drop like a hot potato, but we will come down for a vacation, InshaAllah, and I miss you tons and tons and tons. Metric ones, too.

At 13/7/07 11:58 PM, Blogger baj said...

will miss you fiercely at our blogistan newunion, sensai!!!


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