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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hooray for You Tube!

The best of some anti-smoking ads featured on Youtube.com. Some are pretty graphic, but anyone who smokes must watch, and anyone who doesn't smoke should watch anyway.

And last but definitely not least-


At 1/8/07 5:05 AM, Blogger MT said...

shocking and sad...

i'm thoroughly disturbed now.


At 1/8/07 10:34 PM, Blogger Abez said...

MT- Well, I was kinda hoping you'd be really glad you didn't smoke, or if you did smoke, you were glad you hadn't yet developed cancer and could stop before you did, or if you knew a teenage kid who smoked, you could have videos to show his silly self what the reality of smoking was, but I didn't mean to shock and sadden you. :( Sorry

At 2/8/07 8:27 AM, Blogger MT said...

i'm really am glad that I don't smoke. I'm shocked because I didn't realize that it could be this bad. sad because most people who smoke buy cigarette packs, do have such advertising on them and are yet unwavering in their desire to continue smoking.

Thoroughly disturbed because it's tough to watch these videos without feeling sick in some sense.

plus this blog post is sorta tangential to the usual stuff you post

At 2/8/07 1:04 PM, Blogger Abez said...

MT- I don't know if this is a tangent, actually, because this is related to my previous post about cheesecake and strategic negotiations- the question being, how do you keep a kid on the right path by his own volition- by education versus control.

I was still thinking about the question (my own lil Brudder used to smoke for years, and no matter what we said, it made no difference to him) and I'm wondering whether he ever would have started if he had seen things like these, because I don't know if they let you volunteer around cancer victims, and I don't know if the vicitms would want you hanging around and goggling at their suffering, so I was looking for some ideas and wondered whether I could find cancer/anti smoking info on Youtube, and Lo and Behold- these videos appeareth.

At 3/8/07 6:51 PM, Blogger Syma said...

Salaam sis

You say your little brother used to smoke...what made him stop?

Trying to get my big brudder to quit inshaAllah..


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