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Monday, September 24, 2007

The view from up here


This is the view from our window. The natural beauty here is amazing, SubhanAllah.
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Disoriented in Auckland- like sleepless in Seattle, only with nausea!

So much for updating on time- Now we're in New Zealand- Auckland to be precise, and Khalid has gone from US jetlag to NZ jetlag, and I am one confused disoriented tired nauseated Momma. It's a bidness trip, so HF is trying to work as well as take Khalid off my hands when he can so I can sleep. It's 8pm now, and Khalid has been asleep for six hours already, have no idea when he's going to wake, but I need to pray and crash. Lest I crash and burn.

Please make dua.

*falls out of chair*

Friday, September 14, 2007

And... we're back!

AssalamuAlaikum EveryBodies!

-phew- Ok, so here's a very quick rundown of what's happening, which I promise to follow with a more detailed travelogue post soon InshaAllah.

Khalid and I are finally nearly normal- he came back with the flu, and I came back with bronchitis, and spent many hot cold snotty miserable lead-lunged days sleeping it off. I say we're nearly normal because we're not quite there yet- Khalid is still on a time zone other than this one, and combine that with my highly unsuccessful attempts to straighten him out, and you've got a baby who's going to sleep every night at nine and waking up at 4 am.

We. Are. So. Tired.

Neither of us is properly rested, and instead of his normal sleep schedule of 12 hours at night and a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day, he's sleeping seven hours at night and five hours in the middle of the afternoon. The less he sleeps, the lighter he sleeps, waking often, waking cranky, and wanting nothing but Momma's lap.

So yeah, we are still recovering, please make dua for us, we're collectively wiped out and desperately need rest. Oh, and Ramadan Kareem!

Down but not out,

Friday, September 07, 2007

Almost... there...

In an hour and a half, bebeface and I (who have endured a whirlwind vacation that's included Chicago, ISNA, Indianapolis, Amtrak, DC, and a horrible flu) will hop a taxi to Dulles airport, where we will cram our snotty, exhausted, and congested but happy selves onto an Air France flight back home, InshaAllah.

Then, there will be much rejoicing, as well as resting, and afterwards, there will be blogging.

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