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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

2:30 am- Momma said there'd be days like this

Well, actually, she didn't, but that's ok. Momma equipped me with resourcefulness as well as coping skills, so the fact that Khalid is wide awake and drumming his heels against his high chair doesn't phase me much. Because I'm eating icecream. Five minutes ago though, it was getting to me quite alot, as I was well into hour number two of trying to put Khalid to sleep.

A note on bebeface- he bites, he kicks, he rages, and worst of all- he pinches.

Last night we went to bed at 4 am, and today had a very, very long day. Khalid was grouchy and had multiple small naps to fuel his angry little engine. I've been nauseated with exhaustion as well as insanely busy. And we drove to Abu Dhabi and back, too, which from where we live is nearly a 3 hour road trip. So I'm tired. Bebeface is tired. I don't know about his logical processes, but mine are bordering on irrational. Well, they were until I had icecream. I was ready to put Khalid on the carpeted floor and walk away when I remembered that HF, who can sleep through alot, but not a full-on Khalid tantrum- has to wake up in three hours and go to work. So Khalid and I are here in the kitchen, he's waving a rice-cracker around. I'm eating icecream. We both seem happy for the break.

His sleep schedule is nuts as usual. I'm on break from trying anything new. I'm just trying to catch whatever ZZZ's I can, in whatever increments Khalid will let me. Speaking of whom, he is out of cracker and needs refill...

So things have been a little frustrating lately, and I find myself joining Khalid for his afternoon nap- lying in bed with him to feed him every 40 minutes as well as get some sleep myself.

ah, now he's rubbing cracker crumbs into his eyebrows, which generally means he's tired. time to go try again.


At 28/2/07 5:40 AM, Anonymous Taubah said...

Sister girl,

I'm praying for ya!!!!!!!!!!

At 28/2/07 10:09 AM, Blogger Mona said...

nothing tastes as good as ice cream at 2.30 am.
hang in there, z and love to khalid. *hugs*

At 28/2/07 5:27 PM, Blogger DeOwl said...

Can't you call like the ghost busters or something to fix this?

At 28/2/07 6:54 PM, Blogger Abez said...

JazakAllah Mona and Taubah, I really appreciate the duas. :)

Owlie- Ghost busters? My baby needs the Myth Busters: Tonight, Adam and Jamie tackle the myth of sleeping through the night- how it doesn't exist, and why it never could! Also, they tackle issues of ice-cream evaporation. :p

At 28/2/07 10:24 PM, Blogger hemlock said...

umm... dude! *hugs*
bring him over on friday? we'll bebesit bebeface and you can catch up on sleep. and saturday. you need your sanity to get you through the week. seriously

At 1/3/07 7:46 PM, Blogger Carol said...

I'm there with you in spirit so have a bite of ice cream for me and remember.... WHen it gets too tough and you can't take it any more, put him in his stroller in the bathroom shut the door and take two calcium pills. You need your rest.

At 2/3/07 11:07 PM, Blogger baj said...

just when i think i have it rough, i hear about khalid's khijinx (tm) and am thankful for the few hours of sleep i get a night. my heart goes out to ye, lassie!


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