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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sleep Deprivation = Insomnia?

Alhadulillah, Alhamdulillah, Khalid is asleep.

He's been asleep since 10:15 (it's 1 am now) and he's woken up about five times since then (don't ask, God knows why) and this is the point where you scream at me and ask WHY THE HECK AREN'T YOU SLEEPING TOO!?

Umm. Well. I can't sleep.

I've been having this problem for the past week or so- even after putting long and odd hours into the Khalid Sleep Battle, when Khalid finally drops off to sleep I lay in bed next to him, wide awake, sometimes until his next feeding, which is generally 40 minutes later. I'm exhausted, I'm sleep-starved, I'm shaky and wobbly and worn out, but my brain is feverishly churning out thoughts related to Bloom's Taxonomy and other pedagogical nonsense with zero significance at this hour.

This is Bloom's Taxonomy. It's a pyramid. Yep. Why is my brain thinking about it? Because the six words here represent six significant intellectual processes regarding learning behavior. The simplest is Knowledge, simply 'knowing' and being able to recall facts. After that is Understanding of the knowledge. After that is Application, where you can take that understanding and use it. So on and so on.

(I teach too, remember? American Accent Training? I'm an American, Dammit!)

So I was writing out my syllabus for an upcoming Accent Training class that I'm supposed to teach and I stumbled upon a copy of Bloom's Taxonomy on the desktop. HF had put it there, because HF is an education-flavored guy too, and I thought it was cool. But now it has embedded itself in my brain and I'd rather be sleeping but here I am blogging about it at 1 am.

And I can't sleep. I try to- when Khalid takes his afternoon nap I try to join him, but I mostly lay there are stare at the patterns on the pillowcases.

Ehow.com says I should:

  • STEP 1: Get out of bed if you can't sleep. Lying in bed sleepless will only make you more stressed.
  • STEP 2: Read or perform a light chore until you feel sleepy. Then try to go back to sleep - or, if you're feeling stressed or agitated, try some relaxation techniques.
  • STEP 3: Relax by listening to soft music or a meditation tape. Do yoga or gentle stretching.
  • STEP 4: Take a hot bath with aromatherapy soaps. Keep the lights dim. Bright light will make you more alert.
  • STEP 5: Try an herbal sleep remedy to induce sleepiness. Valerian, chamomile, catnip, lavender, lime flower, passion flower, hops or skullcap can be taken in tea or capsule form.
  • STEP 6: Snack on foods high in tryptophan, an amino acid that can help you relax. These include turkey, bananas, figs, dates, milk and tuna.
  • STEP 7: Essential oils can also help you relax. Add six to eight drops of lavender or marjoram to a bath, or put four drops of oil on your pillow.
  • STEP 8: Return to bed once you're feeling sleepy and relaxed.
And I've managed steps 1, 2, and 6, but hey, I'm still up. And now I'm blogging quantity over quality. And I'm out of warm milk. And I already ate all the dates, which are supposed to be high in tryptophan to make me sleepy.

Right Brain: Go to sleep you moron.

Left Brain: Make me!

RB:I'm trying!

LB: Trying what?

RB: To make you go to sleep.

LB: I don't want to go anywhere. I'm sleepy.

RB: Oh hey, have you heard of Bloom's Taxonomy?



At 3/3/07 7:29 AM, Anonymous Taubah said...

Subhanna'Allah I'm so sorry. Man that's never happened to me. But you know what you can do, read some Quran. I don't know if you read Arabic or not but it all ways makes me tired reading Arabic. I'm telling you my body and my brain just get so tired and I have to close the book and fall asleep. It takes a lot out of ya... well, me.

Insha'Allah you'll get to sleep. Frustration can really do a lot to a person, I pray you are able to get through this.

At 4/3/07 2:38 AM, Anonymous Traveller said...

Khalid b. Walid reported that once he suffered from insomnia. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said to him, "Shall I teach you words that will make you go to sleep when you say them? Say, 'O Allah, the Lord of the seven heavens and whatever they cover, Lord of the earths and whatever they contain, Creator of devils and whomever they mislead, be my protector from the evil of all Your creatures lest some of them may hasten with insolence against me or transgress the bounds. Honored is he who is in Your protection and blessed be Your name, there is no god except You'.' (Reported by At-Tabrani in his Al-Kahir and Al-Awsat. Its chain is sound, although Abdur-Rahman did not hear it from Khalid. Al-Hafiz al-Munzhari has mentioned it)
I doubt I can attach stuff to my reply (innit?), but you can click here for the arabic: http://www.themadina.com/index.php?topic=1852.0


At 4/3/07 7:43 AM, Blogger Mona said...

haram, that sounds horrible. reading non-fiction always puts me to sleep. buy a management accounting or some book like that and keep it by your bedside.
the other thing that's helping a lot these days is lying with my eyes closed and reciting random du'as and surahs, anything at all, that's islam-related and the shaitan himself massages my feet until i fall asleep (my mom used to say that, i don't know if it's true).

At 4/3/07 3:20 PM, Blogger Crazed Teacher said...

ok ive seen blooms taxonomy so many times that i know it by heart and hate it ive had to use this as my guide for two years of teaching alas i am free, one month before shadi and i am free from bloom and on cloud nine coz see im in lourveee hahaha its a great feeling. pray for me and inshallah ull be receiving my card when i get them from the press

At 4/3/07 3:30 PM, Blogger Crazed Teacher said...

em abez can i be very cheap and ask for a wedding gift???? i neeeeeeeddddddddd a new blog, so that i can update bout my new life and everything.... i just dont feel like writing anything on my current one it is giving me so many problems lemme know if u can ok?

At 6/3/07 12:09 AM, Blogger baj said...

i heard from a reliable source that rubbing crackers into your eyebrows may help?

btw, love the new look! hooray for yellow and orange!

At 6/3/07 12:46 PM, Blogger Raigzaar said...

What a refreshing change! The background looks great. Reading up on Bebe after a gap made me go looking for the pix you sent me long time ago. Mashallah, I hope he is as adorable as ever. Does he still have those red sneakers?


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