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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Five Minute Update at 3 AM

I need a new layout! *pout*

I made Baji a new layout, and I made Ushi a new layout, and if anyone else wants a new layout, I will make you one for a random cash amount if I ever set my paypal up... but who will make me a new layout?

This one's not bad, it's just not... me.

It's 3 am, and I will write a real update later. Really. I promise.

*zonk* -falls out of chair-


At 24/3/07 2:21 PM, Anonymous Mona said...

i'd make you one if i could God knows i have far too much time on my hands, while i wait for this baby to show up.

At 25/3/07 12:05 PM, Blogger hemlock said...

id make you one, except youve always made them for me .... and youre the smartest layoutman i know.

dude. are you getting ANY sleep?
with the job and the bebe and teh familyfolkses and teh layouts... abez?!

At 27/3/07 5:30 PM, Blogger baj said...

aw, i'd make you one too but erm. yeah. what hemmie said. :)

At 27/3/07 10:51 PM, Blogger Baraka said...


Cute layout - I'm always so impressed with people who can do this - and Baj's looks great too!


At 29/3/07 2:16 AM, Blogger baj said...

aye, it's fantasmo! i love it! i want to marry it! if only it had permalinks, i'd be set for life! ;)


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